[Multiple Feature Requests] Some things that are missing from WM LTE that were in 3028/9, plus some possible new features

Here are some things I’d like to see in WM LTE, I’m sorry if I list some things that are already planned :sweat_smile:

  1. Being able to view input/output ports by pressing CTRL while hovering over the port
    One thing I miss in the new World Machine LTE is that the functionality of being able to hover your mouse over a port in a device, and press CTRL to view what that port is outputting/inputting. This functionality is especially helpful for viewing outputs without the need of adding a node that does nothing such as clamp to view the output.

  2. Importing custom colortables to the colorizer node (restoring old functionality) be able to export custom colortable (possible new feature)
    I noticed while updating my colorizer macro for LTE that the new colorizers are missing the function to import a custom colortable, the only thing that exists there as of now is a slider that I think does nothing. Being able to export a custom colortable may be a possibly mostly useless feature as it’s possible to make your own custom colortable in any image editing software, but it would be a nice, small thing to have.

These are the only things I can think of for now, I will post more feature requests as I can think of them/things that are missing in LTE.

  1. 100% agreed. The ability to view non-primary ports is very important and is one of the few features left I want to include before release candidate 1 of Mt Rainier. I’m in fact working on this right now.

  2. This behavior does need to be re-implemented, but it is currently on my low-priority list. There will be a significant new device in a future build that may completely eliminate the need for this to be reimplemented. More on this in the future…

Thanks for the suggestions!

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