Select/delete shape in layout generator?

On Windows, how do I select the nodes or delete a shape from the layout generator? I’ve tried LMB, MMB, RMB plus SHIFT, CTRL, ALT with no luck. Thanks!

Hi there,

When mousing-over a shape in the layout view, you can just click on a shape to select it.

Make sure the layout generator you want to edit is selected for editing in the top row of tabs as shown in the picture above - otherwise the shapes are not active.

How do I deselect a brush? Every time I click on the Layout View the program tries to draw a new circle. There’s no ‘deselect brush’ button as far as I can see.

Right-click anywhere in the view to cancel adding a shape.

In the next version, Esc will also cancel adding a shape as that makes a lot of sense too :slight_smile:

Sounds good. Thanks.

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