Selecting Islands Below a Specific Size

Would it be possible for me to select all islands beneath a certain land area in WM? I’m attempting to import into a strategy game island that doesn’t handle islands below a certain size very well.

Though now that I think about it I’m not sure what the best method to remove them from the heightmap would be once they are selected. I’m only slowly getting into the combiners but I figure the answer is there somewhere?

There is no “Select region” device right now in WM which would let you do what you want, although this is an interesting idea…

I’d say that you would be better off not creating small islands from the beginning rather than trying to remove them once they exist. You should be able to set your noise functions so that the island-creating noise doesn’t drop below a certain size; for example, you could set the number of octaves to a small value so that the size of the islands is roughly your selected feature size.

Drat! I’m using actual heightmaps as input data instead of generated noise so I sadly can’t take that route.

you can do this with expansion notes. the basic idea is to use an expansion set to minimum to get rid of the small islands, then take that and use another expansion node to expand the mask so it occupies the whole island area. Its not perfect as patches of the small islands can be picked if they are too close to the big ones. There is another method, abit overly complicated, that helps with this but the above method should work. Here is an example world

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