Tiled Build, merge and UDIMs

I’d like to request the following which I think would come in handy to many, if not all of us dealing with tiled builds and UDIMs.
When you build with UDIMs, you get one mesh file per tile. In some cases that’s fine. In other cases, I’d like to:

  • Export a single mesh
  • Split the UV islands into the corresponding tile
  • Properly store UV in a UDIM kind of fashion in the single mesh.
  • Export textures and masks as separate files, just like it is now

This would be very handy when you need to bring the mesh into something like Mari or Substance Painter for texturing.

Currently the mesh is stored into separate object files, while the UV is in the exact same UV tile, so even if you merge the meshes you will also have to move the UV island around to the appropriate UDIM. Frustrating to say the least. :x

Thanks for the feature request! We’ll add it to the list and take a look at feasibility / timing. Thanks again!