Tiled Build pause/resume


I’ve been playing around with tiled builds and some of them can take quite some time to run. It would be nice to be able to specify what tiles I want to build and or be able to pause a build and resume it later on.

My reasoning for this is I am unable to leave my machine on to process entire builds which means I have to start again and hope it finishes another time or I might get a couple of hours where I don’t mind the PC being hammered generating builds so WM can restart a build in that window then I need some CPU back from WM.

Is that idea a possibility?

It is very much possible to only export a select number of tiles. You do so unchecking the Always output all tiles checkbox. Now you can select what tiles to export.

Regarding the build time, the only thing that will help with that is a better machine to run WM on.

Will selecting a set of tiles affect the blending?

For example lets say I have 3x3 set of tiles and I want to build row 1 today and row 2 tomorrow. Will the output blend ok as they have been built as 2 builds?

As long as “Calculate edge tiles on partial tilesets” is checked, WM will calculate all of the neighbors needed to blend properly. This of course will make things slower as those tiles will need to be built, but does let you build in parts as @HYLK mentioned.

I do like the idea of being able to pause/stop a tiled build; I’ve long wanted something similar to this as a disaster recovery tool in case the hard disk fills up during the build, the computer crashes, etc. You could simply fix the problem and continue. It is not currently on the task list, although I’d love to hear if more people are interested in this!

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Thanks Stephen. Seems like most of my queries are in WM.

You have my vote for a Pause :grinning:

Not all of us have big grunty machines