Visual difference between Layout View and 3D View

Hi all,

I’ve been building my first terrain since a few days now and it’s really starting to take shape. An issue I am having though is the significant visual difference of my terrain between Layout View and 3D View. Is there an explanation to this ? Is there a way that 3D View could be made more consistent to the layout view ? I really like my island borders on the layout view but it gets all messed up in 3D View. I’ve imported my terrain to Unreal to check what view was getting outputted and it’s unfortunately the messed up 3D View with it’s inconsistencies. Is there a work around to this ?

For example the difference is quite significante between these two views whilst being sourced from the same Scene View operator :

Thanks in advance for your responses !

What version of World machine are you using?
Layout view uses a version of tileing and dynamic restitution. Some devices do no work nicely with tiling and can act differently under different resolutions. Things like displacement, equalizer, erosion at high intensity have these Issues. However I would not know for sure unless you provide a node graph to sort out troublesome nodes.

If you can use the focus extents feature that accurately displays what is going on.

The layout view uses an “infinite” approximation to the world, instead of the final, rendered extents. As you noted, it’s the render extents that will actually be exported! You can view that version by clicking the “focus extents” button in the layout view. This will only show you a coarse preview, but it will correspond more exactly with your output.

The big difference you’re seeing here I’m guessing is due to an erosion device in your network, which can only coarsely be approximated in the layout/explorer views. I’d reduce the amount of erosion, particularly geological time enhancement, to get a more exact match.

In the next build of World Machine, this is one of the major improvements; you’ll be able to see the actual full-res results as you draw shapes which makes life a fair bit easier!


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