Water Draining to Map Border Issues

My final heightmap expresses the water at the borders of the map as pure white, see image:

I’m not using a drainage mask in my Flow Restructure device, and it is set to ‘Map Borders and Drainage Mask’. The map edges where this is occurring are more or less at zero / black. So my terrain sits on a flat base, and I guess that’s why this is happening.

Does anyone know how to avoid these white patches?

Hmm, I"ve never encountered this problem. Is it possible to share (a portion of) your world? I wonder what’s causing this.

I’m unable to pass on the current graph, but I will try and emulate it in another graph. But anyway, after moving the erosion device to after the create water device the problem seems to be gone. So it could be an outcome of the create water device being last in the chain.

hmm. Between the Erosion and Create Water devices, was there a Flow Restructure device? If not, that may could have been causing the problem, as the Erosion device doesn’t create a “perfect” world for the Create Water device.

There was a Flow Restructure between the Erosion and Create Water devices.

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