Win Crashed during world load, now WM hangs on startup

I was working with a 2.5G mesh from WM in another app, and was opening WM to generate a smaller mesh when Windows crashed. On reboot, I tried to resume work but WM keeps becoming unresponsive whether I let it try to recover the session or not.

I deleted the session file, and even tried to open a different file from Explorer, hoping to bypass the problem, but still no luck. I looked for similar issues on the forum, and followed the suggestion of clearing out my roaming directory, but that only restored the previous version of WM (which apparently was still there). I’m still getting the same response on startup, and if I choose an option, it becomes unresponsive again. What can I do to get WM past this, or at the minimum, load the default start file again?

I do not know how much you can help me get this information because I want to access a lot of information, I do not know how to help me?