World Machine Not Loading


Installed World Machine Standard 3028 and when I run it, the “New Project” screen loads up but then just hangs. After a while it goes to “Not Responding” . I then have to close the window via Task Manager.

I’m running Windows 10 ( All the latest patches installed up to 26/10/2019) with 16GB of memory.

I’ve tried running it as Administrator but still gets the same issue.

I know it’s not much info to go on but any ideas what might be causing this behaviour ?

Is there any log files it creates on load up ?

Thank you

Hi Kane,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble.

This problem is better suited for troubleshooting on the Helpdesk. Go there below:

Open a Ticket

Here’s a few questions that will help track this down:

  • Have you run any previous versions of World Machine without running into this issue?
  • World Machine creates a log file in %APPDATA%\World Machine Standard\worldmachine_log.txt. If that file exists, include the contents (this file displays your license key, so don’t post the contents here!)