3d render not working - need help debugging

One day I went back to start using WM again. Sadly, regardless of what I do I cannot get the 3d render screen to work. Even when I load examples that came with the app the 3d screen remains empty. I do see a small 3x3 grid, and I can pan around and the grid moves as expected, but no terrain.

Any ideas what I can try? I did look to see that I have the latest version in the help menu.

Could be a lot of things.

  • Have you selected a device?
  • Do you see the little viewport in the Project Sidepanel? (See image 1)
  • Are you GPU drivers up to date?
  • What are your settings in the Preferences Menu? Maybe it helps if you use the same settings as I do? (See image 2)
  • Maybe give us some more information on the computer and OS you’re using.
  • What version of World Machine are you running? The latest version is 3028.
  • Can you send a screenshot of the 3D View?
  • Do you see your terrain in the Layout View or 2D View?

Let me know, and maybe I can help you further!

Image 1

Image 2

I believe that this problem could be caused by many issues, some of which HYLK mentioned above. Some other things that could cause this issue is:

  • Using an eGPU (integrated graphics)
  • I think that some GPU models act up weird in 3D view for World Machine.
  • Giving us your computer specifications and a screenshot would help solve this issue much more quickly.

Let us know if you managed to get something working.