A Gradient Weight Map Experiment

With a bit of help from @WFab I got reacquainted with this technique. I experimented a few times with creating a single weight map gradient for use with an imported color table, so this was not entirely new to me. I just gravitated toward using individual masks and a number of internal gradients for a lot of my terrains. I expanded a bit from the tutorial WFab recommended, incorporating a few of my own techniques, on this quick practice terrain.

I really do like the kind of results this produces.

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Here’s a closer look at the details…

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I tried combining the two color table gradients and got this:

I might make this a standard technique. I think I need to tweak it a bit more, though.

…so, a few hours of tinkering went like this:

First, I blended one of the merged textures back in to enhance the lower slopes. Then I went back to the beginning and added a strata node with perlin noise plugged in to tilt and strength, I did some masking so that the strata that came through the first erosion survived the next one. Then I modified the masks further to bring out the rocks in the texture, with a different gradient.

While doing this, I was also working on planetary clouds in Filter Forge. I switch between FF and WM when one is tied up with rendering. Not sure what I want to do next with this terrain. That’s what prompted me to post an update edit.

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Add snow (with a realistic sun/shadow side of the mountain)!


Well, I gave snow a try. Unfortunately, WM crashed right after I rendered it out. So, I don’t have an update on this experiment yet. I’ll try to squeeze in another attempt when no other projects are rendering.

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