Add "Copy with wires connections" option

It is ultra annoying to work with wires in side of WorldMachine. Espasially if you need to deal with 200… 300… connections

Please, add option to copy ONE node with saving of attached wires to it. Yes, i know that i can select 10 nodes and copy them with saved wires system, but it is also works bad - if you copy those 10 nodes, they will lose connections to outside nodes - it is fucking boring to fix by hands too, when you need to connect by hand something like 192 wires

Thank you

Attach a checkpoint node to open connections. You can even name connections for ease. It’s a workflow thing. It even has a dynamic fluid port adding, so you can add a hundred connections to one fluidly.
Copying open wires doesn’t seem that practical IMO.

It not a fix of issue

I know that this node exists and already use in my projects for connecting of 999 of wires. But i think me or you do not understand each other, - even with connecting of Checkpoint you will lost connections to this checkpoint node, and will need to connect wires to this Checkpoint node by hands. And it is a problem - if you Checkpoint is 9999999 holes - you will die rather then successfully connect all wires to it (or i do not know something that you know)

Fair enough. Yeah I do not understand “why” you would need to copy that many wires connected to a single node, therefore suggested an alternative approach. Its such a HYPOTHETICAL feature that a “use case” is necessary to get the full picture, again in my personal opinion. World Machine is just a “Terrain Modelling” tool, theoretical mathematics simulation is not really it’s strongest area lol!

I would love this as well. Yes the Checkpoint device is a workaround, but why not make it natively supported if possible? Especially if you are doing multiple copies of a device with, let’s say, 5 wires connected to it (not uncommon for me), you really are spending a lot of time rewiring, even with the Checkpoint device, as you need to wire that up correctly. Yes the time it takes is reduced the more copies you make as you can double the devices you copy (exponential growth to the rescue), but still, it takes time. Time we could’ve created terrain!

But then again, it is a low priority issue for me, increasing performance of certain nodes (looking at you Flow Restructure) would be a lot more important to me!

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