Alpifier Macro v0.2 (Mountain Range Shaper WIP) DOWNLOAD FIXED

Alpifier v0.2 (303.1 KB)
Alpifier v0.2 example build.tmd (334.7 KB)

Alpifier is a shaping macro which converts a simple heightmap input to a rocky, eroded, alp-like mountain range. The macro is easy to use and does not need much tweaking to provide a great result. Additionally, I labeled and detailed every process inside of the macro to make it easy to jump in and play around with the nodes. This node is in the very early stages of development so I really hope to get some feedback and suggestions if you use this.

Gallery included at end of this post :slight_smile:
Contact me on Discord: sasha#5044




Initial Shaping - Control ridge frequency and strength.

Complex Shaping - Control distortion amount and direction.

Terracing - Control terracing intensity and modulation.

Natural - Finalizes shaping with thermal and hydraulic erosion.

Note: This macro works best on small to medium-sized terrain. While it can handle larger scale terrains, it may need some tweaking to get good looking results.


Alpifier v0.2

  • Added ridge amount and ridge strength sliders.
  • Added terracing strength and modulation sliders.
  • Added distortion angle slider.
  • Changed name from Alpinifier to Alpifier.
  • Added randomize seeds button (currently non-functional, if anyone knows how to set this up to affect an integer generator node please DM me on Discord)
  • Redeveloped terrace masking.


More images soon!


Nice! I’ll look it over and try to get back to you with some feedback. Thanks for sharing!

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awesome excited to hear what you think!


I finally got caught up with my reading and opened the .tmd file you shared. In it I found some node snippets in separate groups, but no actual macros. Do I have the correct file? Before I try to connect your node snippets up to anything, in case these are the macro prototypes (i.e. haven’t been made into proper macros yet), I wanted to ask if you can share the .tmd your examples come from so I can see how you used them?


strange, must’ve uploaded the wrong thing. ill fix that now. ill also work on an example file and upload that as well!

alrighty should be fixed now :smile_cat: lmk if aanything else comes up

Very nice!

Just an aside, you should be able to simply hook a macro action up to the Randomize parameter input on the Int Generator, and it will then randomize every time you click the button on the macro parameter.

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Alright, I have the fixed .tmd and have done a little playing around with the settings. Over all, I’d say it’s very nice! You have to max out all the parameters to end up with something bad looking, but you can have individual parameters at min or max, with middle values on the rest, to get good and varied results.

The only thing I found a problem with was the Terrace Modulation, which is just too flat at the high and low scale to see any real modulation at any setting. I made a clone and added a Scalar Arithmetic (set to -0.5) to the first Terrace Modulation Perlin Noise, which is one way to get a little horizontal irregularity into the terraces.

It’s a simple adjustment, but here’s the .tmd just for convenience: Alpifier v0.2.1 example build.tmd (643.6 KB)

Just for the heck of it, here’s a textured version of the example terrain, with Alpifier settings I liked:

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This is fixed for the next release which will be coming very soon! I reworked the modulation settings so it actually has an effect now!

I’ve added scalar clamps to everything so things feel cleaner and it’s easier to fine tune everything.

There are a couple more fixes/additions I’m finishing up, so I hope to have it done by tomorrow or end of weekend at the latest.

Hey Stephen, thanks for responding! That’s what I did, and it doesn’t seem to have any effect on the Integer Generator.

EDIT: Works now! No idea why it wasn’t before :o

Hey yall sorry for the delay. Got sick. Hoping to have v0.3 released this week once I’m feeling better :crying_cat_face:

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Hope you feel better soon!