Alternative to scatter device

The current implementation of the scatter device is a bit limited in my opinion. It would be more powerful to have a scatter device that lets you hook up a generator (or even better, a group of nodes/macro), and let you change the seed/parameters for each instance you scatter. For example, you create a radial grad with some distortion. Those two nodes are then fed into the scatter device with a certain set of parameters promoted as “scatter-able”, allowing the scatter device to change their value for each created instance. This would result in a terrain of unique radial grad like shapes without the hassle of having to create a unique instance and without duplicates (or well, duplicates would be improbable)!

Another really important feature that is currently missing is the ability to mess with the placement and especially the density of the instancing. Being able to let instances overlap would eliminate the need for multiple octaves as a filler.

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