Any thoughts on how to get "bottom land" around rivers?

I’m trying to generate ~50sqkm worth of Ozarks and I don’t immediately see a good way to generate bottom land around user defined rivers, let alone tributaries. It feels like adjusting the depth of the river might be a place to start but I’m not quite sure how to do that either.

If I’m understanding the wording correctly, I believe you’re looking for the floodplain settings in the river device. At least, as far as I’m aware, bottom land is another word for (or possible a specific type of?) floodplain.

Yes exactly. I’m on a build from 2021*, Maybe I don’t have these settings? I can’t get typical device settings for the river device, only drawing/editing a ‘reach’.

*My mistake. It’s a little newer than I thought.

Once you draw a river and then select it, do you not see these options?


It looks like it was combined in a later version? I think I have access to some of that with a separate “Reach Character” device that is then wired to the River GCS node.

Mine doesn’t show up until after I’ve drawn a river and then selected it.

As @drose25 has already mentioned, you have to select a river shape in order to edit it’s settings after you have finished drawing.

That’s it. I had not noticed. …I don’t suppose there’s an obvious path add noise to the width of the flood plain?

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