Anyone good in world machine in Amsterdam?


I am working on a very large landscaping project and have been doing so for like what, 20 years, in photoshop. My goal is to do a whole lot of things in one go, and world machine is perfect for that. Problem is that there is pretty much 0% chance on me understanding, learning, assimilating, working with World Machine. So I somehow need to (a) find someone who is interested, (b) I can explain my goals, © who is pretty darn good in it and (d) who has a registered copy. What I want to do takes about an afternoon of implementation. It would be ideal to work face to face. I can not afford to buy a version of World Machine - no money.

The ideal scenario would be finding someone who likes to jump into this and work with me and my SO to save me like, several years of mucking around in a really bad manual solution in photoshop and SWISH FLICK help me. I have a pretty good idea of what I want but as I said, doing it myself in WM is pretty much impossible. I am simply too dense/stupid/lazy/frustrated for that.

Is there anyone in or near Amsterdam that can be seduced/convinced/beggified into helping? I might be able to do something in return. I make a pretty good chili.

Hey, I cannot help you with that, but I do have a tutorial series online I’m still working on. Hope that helps you a bit.