Artist Point Project of the Day - Trident Lakes

I set out to create a drained lakebed but ended up creating lakes interesting enough to keep, with this project. Although there is not much I can point out as new in this scene, it does contain most of the things I’ve learned in the past month or so. It also shows that I’m developing a certain style that is consistent even when I’m trying out a lot of little differences. I’m sharing the file for those of you who want to see example worlds, though I did not really set up groups or notes for this one. You can still poke around through the device network and see how each bit was done.

dev fiddle 211111 01.tmd (1.0 MB)

Glad to hear you’ve been accumulating certain skills and are becoming more familiar with the program! I agree, your style is becoming more consistent and, seeing that, I think you may be ready to experiment a bit more with certain types of rock formations and such?

The past few projects all have a very similar erosion feel to it, with the rocky parts often being very smooth. It may be interesting to see if you can give the rocky parts a more rocky texture/feel. I suggest using distortion/displacement to create interesting shapes, and the Terrace and Strata device to add some layering. Also a fun one to explorer, is the Expander device, using the Square mode, which will give you flat rock beds.

Looking forward to your next creation!

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My current project started with many of the things you suggested. I even tried the Expander device in Square mode. That made the mountain taking shape a bit to blocky, losing the best features of the distortion and Strata. I’m waiting to see how it renders at 4K, and then I’ll texture it. I’m sure you’ll get to see it by tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestions!

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Yes the Expander makes it blocky, so often a distortion pass afterwards is needed as well. Really excited to see the result!

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