Asymmetrical mountains

Hi all,
I’m looking to recreate this mountain in WM:

The key point being, it is asymmetrical; i.e. there is a sharp rocky slope on one side, and a curved wall of silt/gravel drifting down the other. I am less worried about the details [sedimentary layers, & overlapping elements that would not be compatible with a heightmap] than I am with the basic shape.

I’ve gotten pretty far with combining two Voronois and adding some silty erosion, but I’m unable to make one side of the mountains look different from the other.

Any tips? :smiley:

You might be able to use the snow device to build the slope shape you are looking for…

Try scaling your heightmap down to a quarter of its height, add a gradient, then add a snow filter to build up material on the downward side of the gradient, finally subtract that same gradient. You will be left with some asymmetrical build-up which you can then erode, add noise etc. Of course this is just a basic explanation…some tweaking is needed.

If you search around the forums for “sand” “dunes” etc you will find some examples and further explanation on how to use the snow device to build up material at an angle for this wind blown look, or in your case these asymmetrical volcanic/tectonic ridges.

You might also just use the angle selector along with some directional (either parallel or perpendicular to angle selector direction) motion blur to achieve this look or refine the shape from above.

Ahh, the Italian Dolomites. :smiley:

Hi there,

I’ve posted an example file here along the lines of what garbitos was talking about – I’ve used an angle selector to pick out the two different sides of the slope to be treated differently, and applied different height curves to make one gentle and one a steep falloff.

Note that the TMD is for 3.0.dev3, and won’t open in the regular release branch.

Thanks for the responses guys. I’ve since made some decent progress using a masked gradient, but the angle selection method looks more universally useful so I’ll change tack.

Thanks for stepping in Remnant! I hope to be able to contribute more around here, but obviously your example files are wayyy more concise than mine would have been! Really awesome how you work to build up this community. Cheers.

Can’t wait to see how this world file turns out. Keep at it!

Also if you’re interested in doing this for the 2.3 WM, my sloped terra macro might be what you’re after…

I did actually check out your macro. I had trouble figuring out what to input, but got a lot of benefit out of looking at it and understanding your approach.