Blurry UI fonts

I just upgraded to Artist Point today and all the text in the main node interface is blurry when I zoom in. Meanwhile the text in the sidebar is tiny. Is this a bug, or is there a setting available to scale the UI for better usability? Thanks.

Your bug report should include:

  1. What happened
  2. Does it happen consistently, or randomly?
  3. The steps to reproduce it. Include a screenshot or world file if possible

Can you share a screenshot?

Sure, here’s an example of very small font size in the sidebar, as well as very blurry text when zoomed into the main interface. I’m looking for a way to enlarge the text in the sidebar without using the system-wide “display zoom” setting, and for a way to have the main interface text be crisp, if either of these is possible. Thanks.

I’m sorry to inform you but this is the expected behaviour for WM. I agree, it would be nice if the font size could be changed, alas this feature is not (yet) supported.

The text for the devicenames is a different story, as they are displayed using a bitmap font, which become blurry when enlarging them/zooming in on them (read below as to why if you’re interested).

So, sadly this issue cannot be fixed from within WM. You can make a feature request on this site, and hopefully it will be implemented.

Why bitmap fonts become blurry

You’ve probably noticed that you can keep enlarging text in text editors, without the text becoming blurry. The current standard for fonts (.ttf, .otf etc) store fonts as vector graphics, meaning you can scale them indefinitely without losing definition/detail. A bitmap font however (.fon for example), is stored as a raster image. Raster images have a predetermined level of detail/definition (for example 512×512 pixels), and scaling them up (or zooming in) therefore results in a blocky/blurry mess, as raster images will lose definition/detail when scaled up. This explains why a bitmap font looks fine at a normal zoom level, but becomes blurry when zooming in.

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I see, thanks for confirming.

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