Box select should also grab reroute nodes on wires

Hi, I love the addition of reroute nodes on wires in World Machine. They really help visually organize the node graphs. However, when you box select a group of nodes, reroute nodes do not get selected, and when you move that selection of nodes, the reroutes stay behind. This stretches the wires in a crazy way and requires you to reposition the reroutes one by one.
Box selecting groups of nodes and repositioning them is so common that this scenario happens a lot, and the issue gets harder to handle as graphs get bigger. It’s enough of a problem that I actively avoid placing reroute nodes to avoid the problem.
I’d love it if box select would grab the reroute nodes in addition to the nodes, so they can all be moved together, and preserve wire shapes. Thank you for your consideration!


You can use a “checkpoint” node to organize your data streams. It also helps with memory conservation if you want. It’s a temporary solution until route points become selectable using box select.

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Well, I would give this request a +1 in a heartbeat. I’ve been wishing for that feature for a looooong time now.