Branchifier Macro v0.1

Branchifier “ALPHA-1” - v0.1 technically

After letting this sit on my hard drive for a while, I think it would be better if everyone could use it in their own projects as well. This macro was used in this post: Work in progress macro for creating realistic mountain branching

Branchifier is a macro that was created after a lot of experimentation on how to create realistic mountain chains in the fewest number of nodes possible. The result is a macro that is able to output realistic mountain chains that have branches that closely resemble that of real-life mountain chains.

A few known weak points of the macro are that it does not scale well with resolution, and adjusting the three sliders to reduce artifacts/sculpt the terrain can be tedious to do.

How to use:

  • Plug any terrain in, although an Advanced Perlin is recommended since this macro will output similar results regardless of the terrain
  • Adjust number of branches until desired
  • Adjust “adj 3” until the peaks are sharp (or desired shape is formed)
  • Adjust “adj 1 & 2” until there are no more artifacts - I recommend adjusting 1 first as 2 slows down the macro more than 1
  • I also recommend doing two passes of the macro, the first for large branches and a second pass for adding smaller branches for detail

Planned features:

  • Allow slider for internal resolution to save on build time when only larger branches are required
  • Allow for canyon generation in the same macro
  • Come up with some way to automatically balance of the three adjustment sliders
  • Clean up internals and expose more parameters for more flexibility

Download & Example World:
Branchifier (81.0 KB)
branched mtns test 1.tmd (546.8 KB) (This is a little messy but it is a quick demo terrain to demonstrate how this macro can be used)

I’ll likely release the rest of my macros on gumroad or here sooner or later so stay tuned.