[BUG] Bring to front/back doesn't work consistently

When trying to layer masks, I can’t reliably send to front/back. It’s very limiting.

It like, puts them down in reverse order, so the mask I place first stays at the top, even after I lay another mask shape on top of it. I have to move it out of the way to adjust it. The move to front/back doesn’t do anything. I like to sculpt basic heightmaps using mask shapes, so this is majorly irritating. I just upgraded to the latest build today, and it doesn’t feel like much of an improvement in this regard!

Is this for the Shapes device?

Yes, it is on the shapes device.


There appear to be two things are play here:

  1. Are you seeing a difference in behavior from prior versions in terms of the actual overlap behavior?

Prior WM versions have a hidden behavior that had to be reproduced in this version.

  • If no input terrain or background value is provided, combine shapes together using the MAX operator
  • Else, combine them using a REPLACE operator.

Because of this, if no input is provided the max op is being used, and send front/back has no effect. (The order of evaluation doesn’t matter for a max). If replace is being used, then it does matter, and the send front/back command changes things.

I don’t like this hidden behavior, and would like to make it explicit in the future by allowing you to set the operation for each particular shape. But the first step was to make sure the existing behavior was matched before evolving it.

  1. There does appear to be a bug regarding which shape is being sent to front-back that I will look into. This may also be the cause of the crash bug you’ve reported.

That makes sense about the hidden behaviour and explains why it only happens sometimes. Thanks for looking into all this. I like the new interface a lot, so I couldn’t go back to the older version unless the crashes get worse.