[Bug or my mistake] startup.tmd gets overwritten when saving

I have absolutely no idea if this is an error on my end or actually a bug in WM.

When I fire up WM and then make some terrain, then save, it overwrites the startup.tmd file found in my WM documents folder. I can confirm that this happens on 4016 and also 4017.

Does this happen to anyone else, or is it just me? I did a clean install of WM just to be sure, but the issue persists.

Just took a look and confirmed this - the startup world is supposed to be loaded but then its save path and project name reset so that you get prompted for a name on first save.

There was a rather intensive hunt for a particular startup problem that was occurring on certain systems, and many of the startup components got taken apart and put together. Somehow the info reset got placed above the startup file load, causing this bug. I’ll either slipstream it as 4017.3 or save for the next maintenance release.


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