[Bug] Parameter order gets messed up randomly, usually on the bottom parameters

This bug seems to be difficult to reproduce and is slightly different every time.

When I was working on my colorize macro, the parameters get messed up in order the first time, so I wired the parameters to the correct devices. However, when I restarted WM, this time the name AND the parameter order got messed up. There are also sometimes “phantom” parameters that do nothing and replace an actual parameter.

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However, sometimes with this bug, everything seems to load fine. This is one of those bugs that only happens sporadically and is hard to reproduce.

This is an example of a “phantom” parameter.

Just to double check, is this happening in 4016?

There was an issue very similar to this that was fixed in 15/16. The presences of groups and other parameters that don’t get ports assigned was causing WM to misplace parameters (hence why it only happens towards the bottom of the param list, as its likely any groups were defined above it). This should have been fixed however…

Yes, unfortunately this is happening in 4016…

I think I found the culprit of this bug. The parameters will get messed up if there is a “visible on parameter = something” or similar parameter.

Oh interesting! That doesn’t mutate the actual parameters, so it’s a bit surprising. I’ll take a look! Is there a simple set of reproduction steps to make this occur?

Build 4017 should be out by friday, and I’ll try to get this rolled into it if I can get it to replicate.

This bug is super weird, it doesn’t happen all the time and I still have no idea what the exact cause is. However, I think it is related to groups and dependencies and hopefully I can get something to be reliably reproduced.