[Bug(?)] WM is sometimes locked to the "Explorer" view in LTE

Sometimes, when I switch to the explorer view to change extents or accidentally click it, I cannot click out of the explorer view, unless I scroll the view, then I can exit out of the view. This does not seem to happen 100% of the time, however.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Switch to explorer view
  • Attempt to switch to node, 3D, Layout, or 2D view
  • Scroll view/edit to be able to exit out

I’m not sure if this is an issue on only my side.

I wonder if this might be related to a general bug that I run into myself but still haven’t quite tracked down, where WM loses track of what viewport has the active focus, and the usual F5-F9 keys or viewport commands stop working. Usually clicking in the viewport and trying again fixes it. That bug can occur for any viewport.

Strange, I only run into this issue with Explorer view and never any other viewports. If I do, I’ll post an update here.

I’ve determined at least one root cause of the issue I described above.

If you click on a clickbox or slider in the layout view, the viewport focus is not detected correctly and you can’t switch to a different viewport with the hotkeys. Other widgets (including editboxes, buttons) do not block focus detection.

I suspect there is some similar but more obscure interaction causing the explorer view stickiness you described above.

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