[Bug] World Machine 4011 refuses to launch properly

Simply trying to start up World Machine will launch the window and “What’s New” dialog, but closing it will cause World Machine to crash. This bug is consistent and happens to me every single time.
WM cmd log is below: (On pastebin)

I’m on a windows 10 PC with the latest version.

For now, I’ll roll back the update and continue to use 4008.

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Yeah same on my end.

Thanks for letting me know. Does WM produce a crash dialog with the option to submit the crash to us? If so, make sure you do so and I can examine the crash log.

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I took a quick look at a couple reported crash logs for this. It looks like it is crashing when trying to load the startup world.

There is a bug in a bit of new code that attempts to choose the best device to display. This bug should only occur if there are no devices in the world however. Can you confirm if your startup.tmd world file has no devices inside it?


Yeah, I changed my startup.tmd file to have no devices inside it.
Should I change it so there’s one device inside my startup.tmd?

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That will let things launch, but I’m going to shortly patch this bug on the fly; I’ll let you know when to download 4011 again.

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The installers are updated and you should find 4011 launch successfully on a blank world now.

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@Stephen Yeah I did suspect it’s my startup world. And yeah it’s blank. Updating now. Thanks!