Build 4011 Shape Editor

Not sure if anyone else is having this issue, but creating vertices in the shape editor took a huge hit. It almost has an exponential performance hit on every vertex added for me (I used to be able to make hundreds of vertices or more, now I can make 3-5 before it hangs for multiple seconds on adding more. It continues to get worse as more and more get added)

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Hi there,

There aren’t any performance regressions that I know of, so I’m definitely interested. In my testing 4011 should be slightly faster (10%) across the board due to some compiler optimizations.

When does it get slow - during building, when adding vertices, when manipulating them, etc?

Can you check that the “Base Resolution” in preferences->Build Options is set the same (usually 128px)? If this is too high interactive editing will be chunky.

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All seems fine after uninstalling, deleting all remaining directories after uninstall, and then reinstalling it. Then I uninstalled it and upgraded to 4011.2 anyway. Seems to be fine now!

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