Build 4015 'Mt Rainier' Final Release available

World Machine LTE

‘Mt Rainier’

Build 4015 Final

Build 4015 is the release candidate for the new ‘LTE’ version of World Machine. This next-generation version modernizes World Machine and migrates from its original GUI platform. Build 4015 fixes a variety of issues discovered since Build 4013.

This version will also appear on the Release Channel.

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The following changelist is for the dev-channel, containing updates from 4013.


New Additions

  • Macro float parameters can now be flagged to either transfer values or act as a value interpolator
  • Explorer render extent redraw now obeys aspect ratio strategy
  • Export Assets now force-closes the build stats after build if a build was triggered
  • Increased max project vertical scale to 32km to accommodate unearthly worlds
  • Tweaked how float values are displayed. One less significant digit, trimmed trailing zeros
  • Improved value input interpretation for elevation and distance when no units are specified, instead of assuming kilometers.

Reimplemented 3028 Features

  • Added compatibility with Windows 7
  • Re-added precise vertex-positioning dialog for layout shapes
  • Re-implemented vertex welding in layout shapes
  • Can display curve datatype in all views
  • Water guidelevel editbox now functional
  • Auto-close build statistics works again


  • Fixed regression from 3028 macro parameter behavior.
  • Fixed issue where context menus would show up on the wrong monitor on multi-monitor systems
  • LTE worlds now load/save water guide level
  • LTE worlds now load/save resolution and aspect strategy
  • Fixed crash-on-startup bug under certain conditions
  • Fixed crash-on-startup bug when first running LTE version of WM
  • Fixed crash bug when editing groups inside a macro
  • Fixed river device deselecting when alt-navigating within the visual editor
  • Fixed project settings dialog bug where resolution change wasn’t “taking”
  • Fixed Mesh Output always exporting on build regardless of setting
  • Fixed parameter reordering bug where it would order incorrectly when groups existed
  • Fixed bug where alt-nav deselected a river in the river device
  • Fixed bug where templated output filenames would change type to first filetype in filter list
  • Fixed bug where render extent vertices weren’t selectable after re-drawing the extent in explorer

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