Build 4017 'Mt Rainier' maintenance release available

World Machine LTE

‘Mt Rainier’ Release

Build 4017

Build 4017 is an important maintenance release fixing the most reported issues in ‘Mt Rainier’. It also includes a scattering of new features and improvements.

It is currently available on both the Release and Development Channels.

Thank you for all of your submitted bug reports helping us uncover these issues!

UPDATE: As of 11:01AM 2/7/21 PST, a patch was applied fixing an issue with the new Curves sketch mode. You are running the latest version if your About World Machine reports Build 4017.2.


New Features

  • Added ability to randomize the currently selected device(s) and groups, instead of entire world
  • Curve Editor improvements: display aid improvements, selection value display, sketching mode
  • Added back “Set lofting curve” to shape device paths
  • Added ‘Construct Parameter’ device, allowing you to create range and color parameters (so far) out of constituent values
  • Lighting Generator updated for ‘Mt Rainier’. Improved parameter presentation and increased raytraced shadow quality


  • Added ‘Randomize’ button to Integer generator to create a new value
  • Instance Scatter device now responds to Randomize World command
  • Added ‘Set Name’ action to menu and leftside commands
  • Sliders now try to pick ‘nice’ numbers for simple floats (does not apply to distances/elevations yet)
  • Cycling through multiple layout shapes under the cursor now always starts with the front one
  • Added tooltips to tiled build options
  • You can now set any number of tiles or resolution you like by entering the value directly, even if it exceeds the max slider range
  • Some tweaks to improve font legibility on standard-DPI systems, and upgraded a few icons



  • Fixed issue where cancelling an edit was not removing the draft action
  • Fixed bug where sometimes viewport switching would stop working
  • Fixed broken autosave on systems with unicode paths
  • Vertex welding now uses correct pixel threshhold to determine welding change
  • Resolution override allows setting custom resampler type, and actually accepts the fixed resolution set
  • Fixed bug where viewport lighting Y-axis was opposite sense from 3028
  • Updated some tooltips in Ramp and Select Facing parameters to be more accurate
  • Fixed bug where wiring devices was not checking for cycles
  • Fixed bug where wiring around a set of route points caused a broken program state
  • It should no longer be possible to have ‘naked’ route points, not connected to a wire
  • River generator sketch now always creates at least 2 points
  • Additional debug logging generatored to continue helping track down issues
  • Made layout view animate viewport consistently
  • Fixed overflow bug in project memory estimator
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t rotate the selected extents on the tiled build tab
  • Updated: Fixed bug in Curves sketch mode that could cause the edit to not be completed, sometimes crashing WM

Build and Export

  • Tiled data settings now loaded/saved correctly in LTE-worlds(!!)
  • Fixed incorrect placement of Mesh Output geometry
  • Fixed tiled build setting - ‘build edgetiles’ being un-checkable
  • Fixed tiled build setting Flip-Y producing incorrect results when merging to single file
  • Fixed custom project size not being respected by preview engine if it was less than the highest preview resolution
  • Fixed filename extension not being automatically set from text entry in file output
  • Tile padding now considers the tile starting value when determining padding amount
  • Outputs only count against tiled validation if enabled

Stability Fixes

  • Fixed failure-to-start issue
  • Fixed crash in workview display with rare invalid device selected issue
  • Fixed crash when color parameter provided with a not-color parameter
  • Fixed crash in Automation when fed incorrect file
  • Various crash safety improvements in UI-related code
  • Fixed crash when loading river device that resides within a macro
  • Fixed crash when dropping tributary reach to terrain
  • Fixed display system crash when manipulating widgets
  • Fixed crash if user tries to add more than 8 custom fractal octaves
  • Fixed crash when loading old blur device
  • Fixed crash when rare situation where mask size does not equal packet size
  • Fixed crash if you created a new project with a visual editor for shapes or river device currently visible

Really happy to see this!

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In grand tradition… I found one more important bug after Build 4017 was released. This has been patched at 11:01AM 2/7/21 PST. You are running the latest version if your Help->About World Machine reports Build 4017.2. The bug would cause inconsistent editing state/crashes when manipulating Curves in sketch mode in the layout view.


It wouldn’t have been a proper release if it wasn’t for such a thing to happen :stuck_out_tongue:

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