Build not at 100% when completed

  1. What happened
    Build the world.

  2. Does it happen consistently, or randomly?
    First time occurring.

  3. The steps to reproduce it. Include a screenshot or world file if possible
    Not known.

I think it has to do with the macros, as macros often go beyond 100%, not sure why.


Some additional info:

Example of a macro going beyond 100%.

I wanted to add the build report, but it’s just this:

My macros also exhibit this behavior, consistently going above 100% during a build. However, I haven’t seen builds stopping at less than 100%.

In my experience, it has to do with disabled nodes in your graph. Macros go over 100% for sure, but in the end it all comes out at 100% overall, unless you have some disabled output nodes in your graph (that are connected). That’s why build finished at 98%, those nodes weren’t built but still are part of the estimation algorithm (probably).

Sounds plausible and I tested your hypothesis:

Now would you look at that!

Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:


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Just wanted to note that this will be fixed in Artist Point.