Build resolution does not match project build resolution

I’m not exactly sure why, but while tiled resolutions work great (probably because they have their own resolution parameter), any “single file” exports I want to run do not seem to correspond to the project build resolution. No matter what I do, they seem locked to 1025x1025 (that is to say, the exported file on my drive is that resolution, and differs from the resolution I intended and had configured as the project build resolution).

Am I missing a setting somewhere? I’m working with the release candidate.

Hmm, I’m not exactly sure why, but after more trying, it does work now.

I’m a bit puzzled, but I’m assuming I did something silly wrong. Will keep an eye on it and report back if I can reproduce it reliably :slight_smile:

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Addendum: I believe part of the confusion is that I’m expected to hit “OK” in the build menu before I get the pop-up that the files have been written and saved to the disk.

It seems like the program waits with saving the export until the user acknowledges the successful build result. I suspect I had checked the files before acknowledging the prompt, at which time the files wouldn’t have been written yet.

(I had expected it to just build & save automatically)

@dean There’s a checkbox named “output file every build”, within every output node. Check it to write files to disk automatically, after every build.

That sounds different from my intention. I don’t necessarily want to have WorldMachine save to disk every time I build, rather, when I hit “export” and it tells me “I need to build for you first”, then accepting that prompt would in my eyes be sufficient to build & save in sequence, without prompting me again to confirm that I saw the build succeeded.

Granted, that’s a good workaround, thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

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I understand the confusion now. Yes - the build process on its own does not export files, unless “export on every build” is checked in an output.

The build status dialog should probably automatically close when it is triggered from the export manager to prevent the confusion above, as the exports occur after the world has built.

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