Buzzcore Advanced Coloring

I just wanted to share this very nice macro i’ve been using lately. I’ve found it on Polycount:

Does it work with 2.3.7 or Version? I think it will not or am I wrong?

I saw you are looking for texturing macros to archieve some Special Looks (like the arid one from QT for example) or others, found on the Internet.
Thing is, I think These People will not share their nodes/colorizers, I tried already ^^

So what to do?

You have to Setup your own colorizers, mix in textures if you want and tweak, try and error, then tweak again, till you get the desired look.
WM does not have AAA textures/colorizers out of the box - you will have to create them yourself.

As for Geoglyphe… hmmm, I dont know. I tested some marcos and such, you get some nice shapes and noise-combinations that will not
scream “done with world-machine” at first sight. Also some nice Tools, like kill Spikes and some others.

But the Price is way too high. I would pay 99$ for a full-non restricted Version, but not more. Basically everything in Geoglyphe can be
done in WM, if you know how :wink:

Kind regards

That’s odd. People probably learned from examples in these forums or in videos around the web, so why not share the knowledge? Coming from a software development background, i really can’t understand the lack of “GPL” mentality within the CG community. Anyway: The BCore macro does not work out of the box, because it fails to load the overlays. Download the, unzip it in C:\Overlays OR open the macro and open the file input nodes and fix the file path. Then it works perfectly!

most examples you posted were used for commerical purposes, like the Arid desert mountains of QT for example.
you can buy it on unity asset store, among other by this user.

ok, I tested the BCORE macro a Long time ago and got it working. but not with latest WM Version, I guess.
But maybe I am wrong, will try if I got some more spare time… thanks for the hint!

best regards

Oh - but even with this macro, you will not get FPS AAA textures.
Textures generated within WM (be it by colorizer, macro, bcore or whatever) will serve great as a base - texure.
You will Need a dedicated shader and detail-textures plus real Hand sculpted 3D Detail meshes, to get what will look AAA
in a game-engine. Or you Need a (realtime) renderer, like Marmoset or iRay or whatever renderer you like and put on
a material/shader, mixed with the base coming from WM…

Oh, don’t worry. I’m not planning to create a megatexture or something like that. I’m exporting my terrains as meshes and using them just as background decorations. For gameplay terrain, i use hand-made heightmaps and in-engine editors, so i have absolute control and i can properly design the level flow.