Can I create smaller features with world machine?

Hi, so I’ve been playing around with the software but I’ve run into a few problems when trying to get small hill-like mesas and things that aren’t huge mountains.
My goal would be to have something sort of like this:

Whenever I scale down the feature scale and move the slider closer to “Hills” & “Boulders”, the preview shows the terrain becoming very spiky and condensed; to fix this, I usually pull the elevation and steepness of my Perlin noise generator down (and the sliders for those don’t seem to be precisely changeable as you can’t edit the numerical boxes nor move the sliders in small increments), yet there are still unfortunately a few spikes for some reason, even when both attributes are at 0.

I’d prefer not to use “quick adjust vertical height” in the project world parameters because I may not want an ultimate “cap” on how high the heightmap can be, I just want lower, smaller details.
I can’t get a good view of what I’m working with because whenever I scale down the working area to, say, 1km x 1km, it takes up only a very tiny portion of the 3d preview and rotating and maneuvering is impractical.

So am I even targeting the right software, or is worldmachine only to be used for huge mountains and general things of that sort?
What’s a recommended workflow in world machine or any software for adding in small details (large rock faces, paths/roads, gulleys, etc)?

World machine is very capable at making both large scale and small scale terrains. But yes, at smaller scales, 3D preview is a bit clunky. Instead of going by reported scales, you’ll be better off creating your terrain artistically as you visualize. When working with fractal terrains, you have to take into account that scales of fractals work very differently when compared to geological scales.

The terrain like the one you posted is very much achievable with world machine. In your example worlds, go to “terrain examples”, and open “Sweet Canyon Mesas.tmd”. It’s quite similar to what you are trying to achieve.