Cliff Lab Preset 001

Cliff Lab Preset 001 Scene Output 1024 by davidbryanroberson on Sketchfab

Model information
Triangles: 128k
Vertices: 64.1k

Created with Filter Forge Cliff Lab by David Roberson Cliff Lab (Texture)

It has been so long since my last post, I’d almost forgotten how to embed a Sketchfab model, so I added the other links think they would have to do. This isn’t technically a terrain, so much as a terrain element. I wanted to test out using File Imports and Scene Output export, and thought it’d be nice to see my new material on a mesh. This project is the first I’ve been motivated to share recently, though it’s far from my first Filter Forge filter. You can find others in the FF Library, free to download if you have Filter Forge. In the middle of making another filter, I discovered I had put together a good foundation for a cliff face. Taking a break from that project, I put this together while it was still on my mind. This creates a mossy or lichen covered rock face with fine flecks of metallicity, wetness and a complete PBR materials set.

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