Colorize & Colorizer devices

Hi all,
I’m confused…
Oh, I suppose I’d better give you some more information…
Serious cap on:
I’m relatively new to WM and know the Colorizer device; the one with that uses gradients to colour areas of the terrain - found within the Converter devices.
But when looking inside some macros (Extended overlay, for example), there is also the Colorize device which has two colour inputs.
I have not been able to find any discussion/information regarding the Colorize device other than it is a Converter device; well, not, it’s not - as it’s not found there (or anywhere else, for that fact)…
To further compound my confusion; when you open the Colorizer device, the title for the device is “Colorize”… The Colorize device has the title, “Colorize properties”…
The online device reference lists the Colorize in amongst the Converters (but it’s not present in the actual program); there is no mention of the Colorizer device which is in the actual program converters section…
My main reason for asking this question is I want to find the two-colour Colorize device so I can use it in my texturing workflow (when I manage to develop one…).
Can anyone clarify this for me?

wasnt able to find it but if you want simplest 2 color mixing you can create two Color Generator nodes, and plug them into Chooser

but you will get much better results if you play with gradients so you don’t just use colors from heights but you can also create all kinds of variations using erosion, flow etc maps and you can combine colored versions with other maps etc
possibilities are endless

small tip: you can use Clamp node (and others) for better control over color ranges in gradients - for example you can “push” your greyscale values to use gradient parts that you want

The past, I have, but find the answer alone about this. This has been known.