Colorizer can not import image files

It seems that in the new Mt Rainer version I can not load an image into the colorizer to get a gradient from the pixel rows of the image

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I noticed this too. I think it will eventually be implemented?
On build 4011 the “Original” version of the colorizer has no features whatsoever.

That is correct. The colortable-from-file still works internally it just does not have a UI presented for it. Thus one simple workaround is to load the file colortable in 3028 and copy-paste the device into 4012.

It is desirable to re-implement this ability. For slightly more context of why it is not yet, a much more powerful device for coloring from files is planned for the next named release after Mt Rainier. I haven’t been able to decide if it is valuable to have the simple from-row behavior preserved in the colorizer as it currently stands…

Further update:

This functionality has been re-implemented for final release.