Combine along the normal direction

I’d love to be able to use the combiner to add and subtract perpendicular to the terrain surface, and not perpendicular to XY plane as it happens now.
Of course this would lead to overhangs, but I suggest that the value would stop adding or subtracting once it reaches a 90 degree slope.
This would work great alongside the new Solid Noise to add surface details.

@JakBB Like insert and embed modes in Quadspinner Gaea? Could be useful in World Machine, but there’s a workflow thing to address here.

World Machine now has PBR materials. This includes “material displacement”, which does exactly what you’re talking about. Gaea doesn’t have any direct PBR implementations yet, so it makes sense for their workflow, but not for World Machine (IMO). It would be counter productive to have duplication of functionality in case of WM, that’s all.

I would certainly appreciate improvements to material displacement though, right now it doesn’t work so well when layered using overlapping masks. And displacing along “normal” also works better when implemented in material displacement imho.

I disagree, as having it only be part of material displacement it wouldn’t make it useful for actually editing terrains

@JakBB So you disagree that “world machine has PBR based displacement, and this would be basically duplication of functionality”? Or you disagree that it “could be useful in world machine”?

I assume you think I disagreed with you on the feature request, “adding or subtracting in the direction of pre-existing terrain normals”. On the contrary, I think it “could be useful”, merely pointing out a bigger picture about workflow sanity. That’s about the size of it. Everything is clearly spelled out in the original comment.

Forgive the rambling, I’ll try to avoid posting on your topics in the future. Force of habit lol!

I was disagreeing with the proposal of adding the feature I suggested in the top post as part of the new PBR material system.
I’d love it if there was some sort of material displacement functionality, although I would be skeptical as to how it could work, as in theory it would have to displace the terrain geometry, which has varying levels of polygon density and would look inconsistent on sloped cliff faces.

I think the feature I suggested would have to be separate from the material system and be usable just as a regular mode in the Combiner node

P.S. please keep posting on my topics, I think it’s important to keep discourse open