Combine Water?

Hi, I love the new update, makes everything so much more realistic, however I’m having issues with the water.

I have a map of a continent, with mountains and I’m using a river device to create the “hero” rivers. I’m trying first to use the coastal erosion node to create the sea level, and I want the flow restructure to drain to both, rivers and the ocean. The combine device seems to be incomaptable with water, I was expecting I could combine the water output from the coastal erosion, and river outputs, then use that for my flow re-structure, and later on the erosion but nothing I do seems to work. I tried just ignoring this step and later using create water, but I can’t control the height of my ocean, it ends up way higher than I would like.

Any way around this or suggestions for a better workflow?

You should be able to chain the water through every device that requires it.

So for example, use Coastal Erosion -> Water Output to get your ocean level, then provide that to Flow Restructure. Flow restructure will not modify the water height (but WILL modify the terrain around it), so you can take the same water and use it as the input into the Create Water device. Finally, take the water output from that and use it for your scene.

With all that said, sometimes you still need to combine water data together. There is a macro distributed with WM to do this; you’ll find it in River Tool->Combine Water.