Community Forums converted to SMF!

Hey everyone,

just wanted to let everyone know that due to known issues with phpBB2 and targeted spam, I’ve moved the forum system over to SMF, which should provide a measure of protection against spammers.

All posts, user info & passwords, etc should be saved, but email me at if you run into any problems.


Stephen Schmitt
Author, World Machine

I agree this default template isn’t so nice, but otherwise I prefer SMF so I’m pleased with the change. :smiley: I hope it has the intended result!

  • Oshyan

I rather like this look. Then again i am wierd. :slight_smile:

Very nice new design. :smiley:

Yeah, I can see that it’s SMF…
I had the chance to complain to Stephen about an SMF forum… But 99% of what I complained about apparently has been corrected/customized in this current version.
PS:[move]I still hate Moving Text!!..[/move]

Oh the things we go through to get rid of SPAM bots!.. :stuck_out_tongue:

PS2: I miss the shortcut keys :frowning: