Create Water device stops at 33.3% when building

Hello! I’m not sure if this is a bug but do need some help:

I just started my experience with WM, and today I realized that the building process always stuck at Create Water, and it goes fine at beginning (gradually going up), but always stuck at 33.3%, and this happens to every build.

What I have on laptop is Windows10, Nvidia GTX1050, running WM 4031.2
Lemme know if you need anything else, thank you.

I believe this is to be expected, especially if your discharge scalar value is set fairly high. I’ve observed this behavior on multiple computers, so I don’t think it’s a hardware issue. If you leave it, it will likely finish eventually. For a generic project at 4096² with the discharge scalar value maxed out, I’ve observed the Create Water device pausing at 33.3% for around 3-7 minutes before continuing. For higher resolution, the amount of time seems to grow at the same rate as the resolution (so 4x as long for 8192, etc) in my experience.

If you’re finding this wait to be too inconvenient, a workaround that I personally use is to use the preview build of the create water device as a guide to place/trace the larger rivers (Using a River device) onto the original terrain (I find it easiest to plug the Tributary Mask output into the River input, trace the larger rivers, then plug the original terrain into the River device input to edit the River settings), feed the resulting terrain into a Flow Restructure device with the water channel as the drainage input, and then plug that terrain into the create water device with the River’s water output also plugged in to the Create Water’s Existing Water port. This way you can use the Create Water device just for the smaller rivers and have the Discharge Scalar value set a little lower than you otherwise might. The River device can be a little finicky, but with some tweaking, it will definitely give you better final results.

Adding a late edit to note that, since you’re working on a laptop, RAM also becomes a huge consideration. If your worlds are exceeding the amount of RAM available in your system, WM will have to page to the hard drive which will result in even longer build times than noted above.

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