Create water ignores mask for Water System output

Create water device outputs Water System even in places, where is masked. Height map carving is masked properly.
Flow restructure cant be masked, so it destroy small details on places, where it shouldnt (desert). And since you cant substract from Water System, combination of these both issues requires nasty workarounds (doubling many devices, various substracting, etc…).

One solution I’ve found to this problem is, rather than trying to mask the Create Water node, take the mask of areas that should not have water (making sure they are black in this mask) and pipe that into the Precipitation Map input of the Create Water node. If there’s no precipitation in those areas, there’s no water to collect, and thus no water to drain, resulting in an area devoid of both rivers and drainage basins.

As far as the Flow Restructure node destroying small details in certain places, try setting the Ridge Carving parameter to a lower setting. In my experience, the Create Water node carves its own channels for rivers, so you don’t necessarily need the ones from Flow Restructure in every situation. Also keep in mind, if you’re going for a realistic terrain, even deserts get a small amount of precipitation, so there may be some slight flow lines. If it’s a desert with a lot of sand dunes, these flow lines could also be less water flow and more sand flow, so the loss of fine detail there may still make sense.

Thanks, I will definitelly try that!

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I ve tried to use precipation mask, but it does not work in my case. This mask only ensures, that no new water stream will appear there, but it does not prevent streams from other areas to flow there. So unfortunatally this is no workaround for this bug.

This is not that big pain, I can use Tributary mask instead of water system. Bigger pain is the second issue, I really dont want any water streams in my dune desert (i have ridge carving and basin restructuring on 0, but it still fills dunes with sediment), so I have to add desert after flow restructure and create water and that only complicates my project. I honestly dont see reason why flow restructere cant be masked, because almost any device can be.

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