Creating random islands in "water" parallel to the shore?

I have this map with a “river” at 0m:

Inside the larger river, I want to add small islands that are roughly parallel to the shore, like these:


The river is highly modified from the initial shape input. How can I do this?

@bigyihsuan Braided rivers are the most requested feature on the feature request website lol!

That said.

You’ll have to approach this problem creatively. A few approaches you can try. First create your meandering river in full.

  1. Create your middle patch of the terrain manually. First sketch out your island shape exactly where it’s supposed to be using “shapes” node. Then you can separately create and erode that terrain, then combine the two after you’ve done water simulation.

  2. Alternatively if you’re done with your river, then cut off a section of it by lowering the narrow patch of land in between loops. May or may not work, but worth a try.

Good luck!


I ended up using a Shapes node after creating the river:

I guess you could make barrier islands and island chains with this method too.

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@bigyihsuan The result looks great!

Remind me to post a method to do this procedurally if I forget! I think I know how to do that

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Here is my take on it!

This will procedurally create islands in the river for you :slight_smile: Note, this is a crude, proof of concept, you of course need to refine it to your liking, but the concept stays.

The tmd:
auto-river-island.tmd (147.7 KB)

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