Custom Macros - Params Properties Dialog window

This is not really a bug but weird functionality. I didn’t know where best to post this so I have chosen here, because it’s kind of buggy.

In WM on Windows 10, if you add more than a certain number of parameters to a custom macro, the behavior of the parameters properties dialog window is such that if you close it and re-open it you wont be able to see the lower parameters depending on your screen size.

Below is a screenshot of Hylks coloriser on a 28’ HD monitor at 100% scale and full HD resolution, where I have added 13 more scalar parameters. To see the 43rd parameter I have to drag the window the full vertical length of the screen. The scroll bar will not appear before then. nor when you initially open the dialog:

If I then add 7 more parameters, the scroll bar appears and I can drag down to see all the parameters. Note here that I don’t have any more screen real-estate to drag the window down vertically anymore:

The problem is here. If I then close the dialog window and re-open it (or the program crashes for any reason), I can no longer get to the 50th parameter. I no longer have the vertical screen space to drag the window down further, nor does the scroll bar appear.

I know that creating macros with lots of parameters goes against the philosophy, but this dialog behavior is still rather odd.

Anything you can do?


There’s definitely something funny going on with the dialog sizing here that is causing the clipping when you shrink past a certain point. I’ll add it to the buglist!

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