Different colored terraces

Hello all. I am a new user of World Machine and loving it so far.

I have been trying to recreate an effect where different terraces have different colors. I am aware that this is possible if the terraces are even but I like it better when terraces are a bit distorted by noise and so go at slightly off-kilter angles. I have had trouble coloring terraces when their angle is not perfectly level and I was wondering if any of you had a technique for this.

I provided a picture to show what kind of effect I am trying to get.


I don’t think your link did what you intended. It leads to an entire photo album of Roger Dean covers, and none of the first 30 or 40 have the sort of colored terrace effect you were asking about. Please link to a single image, instead of a large gallery.

For me it works, here is a picture of what OP is talking about (circled in red)