e2's Cavitymapper (Beta) Ready for use!

Hey i remade my cavitymap maker, i hope it works well
Be gentle on the colors and blur, you can make it overlay or just extract a map

It uses an altered version of the roughness selector made by Jonathan

Let me know if somwthing is not right
I will fix it ASAP ( remember this is a beta version, i am still doing research how to improve the outcome)

Have fun! :smiley:

Works good so far, but one thing:

The “Roughness Selection” slider is extremly sensitve… like 0.00 is much too rough, 0.015 is ok and 0.025 will be no roughness any more… but slider can go up to 1.00.
(same goes for blur-slider)


Yes i put some scalar clamp in there already

Now testing to get a ray traced version