e2's Dunes modified dunefield macro for Peter_sim

I added some controls + a mask input
I hope this works out for you,i dont know much about thw original macro so i added and deleted some stuff
But i do not really know if this will be what you are looking for…
Its a tricky device and i wouldnt know how to build one from scratch i tell you that :stuck_out_tongue:

This is still Nikitas original device its just modified!
Its also the reason im not putting it in the macro library

Macro works, but I get a strong Voronoi effect in the dunes.

Go inside the macro and put a blur between the vonoroi and the next device
That should help

I cant see end results right
2.3 is basic version

So i rebuilt every macro from 2 to 2.3

…much better now! Getting sweet dunes here 8) (using atm)

Can you reupload that modified macro in this thread please?

Ok - I try to do so, see if I can figure out, how to add the blur param to the macro - so that one wont have to enter the macro, to adjust!

Can you show me what you did? Screenshot?
Then ill fix the macro up a bit

Sure, in a minute, WM is calculating a bit ^^

I really try to fix that, I think you can concentrate on other things, so you can let me try it first, hehehe

Fine with me :slight_smile:

Ok, I think I got it - “my” first macro, hehehehe


So is this one ok? Or is it wrong/faulty?

Like i see it,looks pretty nice
Though its not my disicion
Peter_sim needs to look at it

Hi Eclipse,

Thank for working on this you are really a kind person, i will try it this week because yesterday we have to put our dog down and i am still sad about it.

Regards Peter

Alright i get that :frowning: sorry for your loss
Also thank onklepoe too he helpt the last bits

Good luck!!