e2's Jus know it! (Basic library version) Ready for use!

Yes everyone,my new macro shall be something with snow

How big is going to be? I dont know,but the 35 parameter limit is its max i guess
We’ll see :smiley:

Jesus! :smiley:

It will take longer then the rest i guess…
The snow device is a vwry tricky machine to handle :shock:

Yes indeed - snow-device is not that simple

How will it be in terms of performance and build time ?

Well i think there should be options
So you can choose maybe “Layers” the more layers the slower it gets
And as far as i know were al my macros pretty quick to build
Even carved has a nice time…

But the snowmachine and its unexplained depthmasks and inputs
Well im trying to get some nice results…
If i do not, then i will not release :o

A quick sneakpeak of the macro result

Also it took 20 minutes with erosion alltogether to build 4k map
Preview below is a 2k map took about 7 to 8 …not even that

My system spec are
AMD FX - 9590 octa
Asus sabertooth 990 FX
12 gig ram ddr 3 (i know its a weird nr )
Geforce GTX 950 overclocked edition(not that it matters)

Pfff how does one make use of a snow device :?
Its tricky bussiness but im well on my way

So after the message above, WM was terminated and i lost the world regarding the snowcover
But im already bussy trying to get an even better one rollibg out of this factory :smiley:

Oke so…anyone wants to test a beta version?(dont go into the macro,its a mess)
And anyone have any ideas for it? Reasonable ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

I already added snowdrifts to the mix (maybe multi angled snowdrifts) so you have more control of the snow
Also snowmachine is covered


Does the yeah! Mean yes i wanna test this thing?
Or does it mean yeah its a beta already,looking good :stuck_out_tongue:

Both?! :lol:

Alright i will have Beta version done by tonight i guess
Bit testing to do myself,but ill manage

I’ll give you by PM or email then i guess 8)

When you say go…ill finish it up and release this thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Oke so i had a thought about the parameters
And how to have more options

Means i have to alter the motherboard once again
Plus im combining 2 new techniques
And the multi evaporation angles are in working order
With the possibilty to choose different elevations
So you will have 3 maps… flow wear an deposition
All being altered by elevation and angle
The problem with the mask input not resetting to its position before flicking the switches
is taken care of
Blur,select tools,colors and lots of other options

You just have to connect a few more lines to the module and your ready to go!

Now lets build this monstrousity

Ok, so this thing builds without crashes or unexpected behaviours, here. It does not take that long, if you build on 2k res only :stuck_out_tongue:

Have to take a closer look at it and try to figure out, what all the params are doing… this will take a while, I guess

Theres a snow device build in, thats why it takes longer

I actually wanted to build 3 in there
Also flow wear and depo coloring
I made it but WM decided it had to crash without saving

So i could make that again

Or clean the beta up a bit and release it

Beta is smaller
The other one is moduled *2macros
And the mainboard is so big i tend to loose track were everything goes
But more options and 3 layers of snow can be added
What to do

I think beta with flow, wear and depo coloring would be awesome :smiley:

Beta works on flow and depo and a snowdepthmask right now

The other one in my mind has 3 snow masks
But you can switch them on and off

Its just very big but it will build very fast except for the snow modules

Oke i decided to make it possible to add a second snow depthmask
Meaning 2 snow devices are build in…gives enough options for a nice cover

Good decision, e2clipse! Will test it, as soon as it is for downloading :slight_smile: