e2's Macro building skool (e2 style builds)

Goodday all!
I know some of you have trouble with their macro building skills
Sertainly i do to sometimes

And i am probably not the best to teach you guys,but im going to try this anyways
So there are a few things to this:

  1. I will not put tutorial files in here,neither will you!!
  2. I shall give you tutorial files(if needed) by email or PM
  3. I start with the first lesson for EVERYONE…even if you are an expert :lol:
  4. You can post anything in here regarding skool, just keep it on topic!
  5. I will give you a pass on your result,wich you will post in here after you finished a lesson
  6. After pass i shall give the new lesson…again by email or pm
  7. No files in these lessons should be shared
  8. For this lessons you will need WM2.2 or higher
  9. Techniques learned in here are public domain,share what you wish.Just not the lesson files
  10. Do not add extra in your lession results.it will be a waste of time,since i will tell you you did not follow the lesson correctly…
  11. Should anyone fail to follow these rules,you will not be granted anymore lessons! (If your been warned several times)

This is to build macros and learning to understand a little more about how to make them and complete a nice working macro.
You will use every device inside of World Machine!

School starts when you tell me in PM that you want the first lesson
You can take as long as you like,just dont stretch to much

Good luck
Have fun! :smiley:

These lessons have been updated,the new lessons list is below.The * means the lesson is completly written.
Information behind that tells you what you will build.


Lesson 1 [Basic Ways to make a macro] * Learning device,no function
Lesson 2 [Basic Inputs and outputs] * Learning device,no function
Lesson 3 [Basic Parameter setup] * Learning device,no function
Lesson 4 [Basic Flow controls] * Learning device,one function
Lesson 5 [Basic Filter devices]* Working device,multiple functions
Lesson 6 [Basic Use of selectors and masks]* Learning device,one function
Lesson 7 [Basic Use of combiners and choosers]* Learning device,one function
Lesson 8 [Basic Workarounds]* Training layout, no function
Lesson 9 [Basic Clean scene]* Training layout, no function
Lesson 10 [Basic Techniques explained]
Lesson 11 [Basic Functioning macro]


Lesson 12 [Advanced Switch explaination]
Lesson 13 [Advanced Router explaination]
Lesson 14 [Advanced Route picker explaination]
Lesson 15 [Advanced Bypass creation]
Lesson 16 [Advanced Multi switch layout]
Lesson 17 [Advanced Pull up layout]
Lesson 18 [Advanced Flow layout]
Lesson 19 [Advanced Workarounds]
Lesson 20 [Advanced Parameter use]
Lesson 21 [Advanced Techniques]
Lesson 22 [Advanced Functioning macro]

No lessons have been written yet

No lessons have been written yet

No lessons have been written yet

No lessons have been written yet

No lessons have been written yet

I will try to add new lessons every day!
Remember,this is based on how i build,this will only take your skills as far as my limitations and your own.
I am not an expert

Name: Onklepoe

Status: You’ve been granted a PASS!

Done: Basic lesson 1

Your next lesson will be send to you by E-mail

Name: Onklepoe

Status: You’ve been granted a PASS!

Done: Basic lesson 2

Your next lesson will be send to you by E-mail

Keep m coming :slight_smile:

I just wanted to say I follow/read all of your macro stuff you post e2clipse :slight_smile:
So your efforts don’t go unnoticed!


Thank you sir!
Nice to know people notice my work

You can follow these lessons 2 if you like,they are ment for everyone :smiley:
Just follow instructions written at the top

Yes, much appreciated! :slight_smile: I’m going to have to clear some time to start these lessons.

Nice to see you all respond so good to this :slight_smile:
Makes the all the work worth the while

Thanks! And stay in skool haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Name: Onklepoe

Status: You’ve been granted a PASS!

Done: Basic lesson 3

Your next lesson will be send to you by E-mail

Also for everyone in this skool: read the lesson carefully due to instructions
regarding spoilage of lesson material… thank you :slight_smile:

Thats right!

U didnt do the challange did you?

Hmmm, to be honest I do not really understand, what result you are looking for in that challenge.
If I do “200” in my macro, it shows a voronoi terrain, no color… I thought maybe solution for a red preview-window
is to set “255” “0” “0” for RGB “red” or something like this. But if that were the case, “200” should give a color in preview, too

  • but it does not… so maybe I am total wrong 8)

I am not sure, if I did get the connections right or maybe if there was something faulty in the lessons describtion?

2oo is an example

1th selector set on 2
2nd on 0
3th on 0

Makes code: 2oo
There are multiple codes to get a red preview window
Dont change your config on the parameter,change the selection to gwt different codes

To onkelpoe
It said: Add a color generator and set it to red.

Yours was dark grey. I think you missed that
Also your Macro output was connected tot the wrong device
That is totaly my fault cuz thats what the file said

Can you connect the main out to main switch,turn your color red and try it again? Maybe even the challenge
Sorry troubleshootin on the go here

I will give the pass anyways,but i want you to understand the devices

Name: Onkelpoe

Status: You’ve been granted a PASS!
Done: Basic lesson 4
Your next lesson will be send to you by E-mail

Yes you did and last time 2
I wrote faulty steps in this lesson they have been changed
Also future lessons will be checked twice

@e2clipse: Removed my postings here

Thanks but i meant the images only :stuck_out_tongue:

Well next lesson will come soon, im bit bussy restyling my house with the wife :lol:

No problem!
Take your time, I am busy, also.

But when not posting images and tmd - my postings were useless, I think.
So I saw no point posting here?

Well its nice to see a “New message” icon so i know your done with the lesson
Im still on my phone so “Messages” tab seems very small to me

Anyways just send tmd and screenshots to email

This goed for everyone…

Else it is to easy to copy and people wont learn what they should :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok then, will post here, when I am done with another lesson, then!


in your lesson 5, you wrote, screenshots should be posted here… is this true or is your above posting right?


(tmd sended via email)