e2's Phantom noise generator! Ready for use!

Alright alright people :smiley:
I got myself a macro without name
Its got a whole different approach on generating terrain
Still uses vonoroi perlin or advanced perlin though you wont notice (except vonoroi)
Its does use 8 combiners and combining methods to do the job
How about i drop some images in here and speculate about the name!
Also i want to say, i shall give it an input so people can decide for their own what to use
Perlin,files,grads it doesnt matter,anything goes:)

If i like it,it will end up in the library

I thought “Phantom” would do the job,because you wont recognize the generator style in there

I have 4 pictures to show, ofcourse i used erosion,because it generates terrased artifacts
So dont forget the erosion device,you can even use the Pqualizer if you dont want strong erosion
Also the colors were made with basic coverage and extended overlay hooked to a chooser controlles by an advanced perlin :smiley: (not included in macro)

I thought id add 4 more pictures to show the potential of this macro
First i want to say,no filter devices are used…Just a different way of splitting up and manipulating terrain input :smiley:
Anyways i will als explain the pictures setups above

1th is just an advanced perlin with nothing changed as input
2nd is a perlin noise with some adjustments inside the macro parameters
3th is a simple vonoroi just messed with shape and seeded distortion
4th is my vulcano WIP heightmap as an input

So these new ones are

5th this picture show the setup,no devices changed
6th is again an advanced perlin but this time set to terraced
7th is another vonoroi set to f4 and added distortion
8th is another advanced perlin set to stephens choice,minor adjustments inside the macro parameters

I dont want to call it a Manipulator again

Maybe “S-cape”

Because it reshapes the landscape so much…
Its a nice tool!!
:shock: a generator that generates other styles then perlin or vonoroi
Isnt that what we wanted :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, maybe it helps a bit to hide the “Oh, this one must be made with WM2” effect, heheheh 8)


So any one have a name?

Hmmm, as it mixes different noises, why not call it “Noisemaker” or “Noisemixer”?

It doesnt mix

They were al seperate attached nodes…

So each foto represents just what the macro did with that paeticuliar attached node/generator

It takes a heightfield,splits it into 3 channels,converting it to a bitmap,splits all 3 channels again in 3 channels and then you can modify what type of change you want,though i cannot explain what they do after that it gets re-aranged them by combiners

Ok, then “Noisemaker” wold be better :wink:

Phantom noice generator


Perlin noice generator

Brilliant ! :smiley:

So here is the .dev file

Give me some feedback and hope you all like it!