e2's Placeble Erosion ready for use!

Hey there
I made a small macro wich needs some explanation
Its a erosion device wich i connected to coordinates and the fall off of a radial grad
Wich makes it highly vercitile (figure out what you can do with it)

It also houses my new technique called switchview,wich i would like to explain
And also would like to implement in more macros…at least if its a good tool
If not then i cancel that project…

Anyways i atttached some files to see about switchview
It alows you to see what your (in this case) fall off/mask input selection is and you can still alter it
If you switch back you see the result :smiley:

I hope this will help some people who would like some concentrated erosion in their terrain
Maybe on different heights,with a height chooser

If there are questions,just ask

Have fun!

And the .dev ofcourse…

Also if things do not work dont forget to say so in the faulty macro thread
Thank you!

To addition on the switchview…
I can change it to enumeration type in a bigger macro so you can eventually see up to 16 different masks/selections or terrains in the preview or 3d/2d views and change parameters in the pop up like ive done in the above picture